Associate Lecturers

Are you interested in working with Arden as a contract Associate Lecturer. We are always looking for people to join our talent pool and hear about our latest opportunities. Read on for more information

Associate Lecturers are part of the vital teaching our students get every study block. We will require additional support in all of our Schools to help manage our growing student numbers. Our Associate Lecturers are interviewed and then become part of our talent pool, at the beginning of each study block, we will reach out to our talent pool to discuss our requirements. Being part of our talent pool doesn't mean you need to accept every assignment offered, and you can accept assignments that work around any other commitments, giving you ultimate flexibility with how you commit your time.

The subject areas our associate lecturers teach in the UK are

  • Foundation Year Studies

  • Psychology

  • Business

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Law 

  • Criminology

  • Computing

  • Healthcare Management

  • Health and Social Care

  • Degree Apprenticeships

What does being an Associate Lecturer involve?

Our Associates Lecturers work for us on a freelance basis, committing their time to teach 1 or more modules per study block (normally 6 weeks). At the beginning of a new study block, we speak to our associate lecturer pool to discuss their availability for the next block, and the requirements we have. There is no commitment from either side, if you can't commit to the options we have available, we will be in touch for the following study block to discuss our next requirements. There is complete flexibility. 

What are the hours and remuneration

For each blended learning module you will be required to deliver in person teaching 2 days per week, per module, from either 9am-1pm, or 1:30pm – 5:30pm dependant on the requirements. Please note, on both days worked, you will deliver teaching with students being both on site and accessing your class virtually via Zoom (due to Covid-19 restrictions). Your role will also involve supporting students virtually using our VLE and supporting students with any questions or queries they may have. 

Your pay will be £45 per hour with additional payments for marking and moderation. 


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